The Day Our RAID 5 Server Went Down

Without thinking too much about the last time you lost your files from your hard drive, can you actually recall what it felt like? I remember having a crisis one day at work when the server went down and it seemed like the world had stopped spinning. There was an eary silence when all of a sudden the cries came from the office about the data that was surely lost and how the business was going to close down. I remember calling SERT Data Recovery to recover our server that was configured iwth RAID 5 array. The pleasant voice on the other end of the phone was very reassuring and seemed like an angel was speaking to me.

Unboxing the XBOX 360 Star Wars Limited Edition Kinect Console

XBOX360 Star Wars Kinect Limited Edition

Since it had been long overdue for me to jump on to the console gaming wagon, I thought it’d be the best time for me to do so when I got to know that a Star Wars limited edition was about to be released. I really couldn’t resist the temptation of having an R2-D2 design on the console, and a controller which resembles the golden shine of C3PO. Of course, with Microsoft’s E3 demo of the Star Wars Kinect game, it was kinda inevitable for me to not buy it. But it meant I had to sell a kidney for it, as the initial price for the bundle was a repelling 350 quid. But thanks to the reselling gamelords of London, I got the same Limited Edition console, sealed and unopened for just 260 quid. And the guy was kind enough to even include a Dance Central 2 game with it, which costs 30 quid on Amazon. All in all, a very good deal, and we’ll get to the numbers at the end of this post. But for now, just sit back and gaze your eyes on the beauty that is the XBOX 360: Star Wars Limited Edition Kinect Console.

[Warning: Image heavy post ]

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How To Make Animated GIF in Photoshop in 5 Easy Steps [Tutorial]

How To Make Animated GIF in Photoshop CS5

Gone are the days when animated GIFs were just flashy stuff that would decorate your geocities page. With GIF being one of the most popular tags on tumblr, it is high time, that you try it out for yourself. And we have a step-by-step instruction manual to assist you.

Softwares required: 
#1. Photoshop CS5 (or any previous version, the interface will be a bit different. For this tutorial, we’ll stick to CS5). Aslo, my PC runs Windows XP, because I am too poor to upgrade.
#2. VLC Player (or any Media player, which allows taking screencaps from a video e.g. KMPlayer, SMPlayer. Pick your favourite)

Hit the Jump to see the step by step tutorial.

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Five Best Platform Games for Android [Android Apps]

List of Best Platform Games for Android

Mobile phone games will always suffer somewhat compared to games played on a dedicated console or even a computer, largely because the controls are optimised for smartphone purposes rather than gaming. The screen size is also a major limitation. Processing power is not so much of an issue as it once was, particularly with the latest high-speed, high-memory, dual-core phones.

So, what kind of games work well on smartphones? Anything where you can touch the screen to control the action; anything where the screen size doesn’t need to be large; and, on older phones, retro-style games that can manage with less processing power than the latest console or PC games. Platform games fulfil most of those requirements, but admittedly they can be tricky with standard phone controls. Plus, the market is somewhat flooded already, particularly when it comes to free and advert-supported games. We take a look at which ones work best, and offer most fun, for Android mobile phones.

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Of Kapil Sibal and the Great Indian Internet Censorship. An Open Letter to Mr. Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal - Internet Censorship in India

Kapil Sibal - Internet Censorship in India

Until the last week, he was more famous as the man who brought to the world, the $35 laptop. And today, he is a laughing stock, not only amongst us Indians, but also in tech blogs worldwide. Even Engadget (Link) is reporting this as a shameful initiative. And if we go by the trending hashtags of Twitter in India, you will find the top 5 to be pointing towards Mr. Kapil Sibal’s idiocy. This is a Harvard and St.Tephen’s alumni we’re talking about, who is now the Minster of Communications and IT in India. What made Mr.Sibal turn on his own head to become Mr.Scissorshands with the Internet?

I cannot decide if the initiative announced by Mr.Sibal to censor “the internet” is more stupid, or is it the incident which triggered this initiative which deserves a place on the stupid-er throne. He picked a post that targeted Sonia Gandhi, to be the reason why he wants the internet in India to be screened, censored and then released for the public. Now, I am not speaking in favour of anyone’s motive to malign a public figure. But across the world, we have a lot of “I hate abc” and “I love abc” clubs. The fact that a public figure like Sonia Gandhi has been picked on, and Mr.Sibal feels the need to censor the entire fucking internet in India is beyond me (well, I know his motive, well, sort of). So, here is my open letter to Mr Sibal.

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