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Five Best Platform Games for Android [Android Apps]

List of Best Platform Games for Android

Mobile phone games will always suffer somewhat compared to games played on a dedicated console or even a computer, largely because the controls are optimised for smartphone purposes rather than gaming. The screen size is also a major limitation. Processing power is not so much of an issue as it once was, particularly with the latest high-speed, high-memory, dual-core phones.

So, what kind of games work well on smartphones? Anything where you can touch the screen to control the action; anything where the screen size doesn’t need to be large; and, on older phones, retro-style games that can manage with less processing power than the latest console or PC games. Platform games fulfil most of those requirements, but admittedly they can be tricky with standard phone controls. Plus, the market is somewhat flooded already, particularly when it comes to free and advert-supported games. We take a look at which ones work best, and offer most fun, for Android mobile phones.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard Now Available For Free [Android App review]

For now, it is only the Galaxy Nexus which has got the latest version of Android OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich. Amongst other improvements over the previous versions, is the new improved keyboard which has better suggestions, targetting and shortcuts. And if you have an Android phone running 2.2 or later version, then you don’t have to wait for the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwhich.

The keyboard is available for download for free, and ready for you to use.

Go hit the Android market link here:

But is it worth the download? Hit the jump for the review of this keyboard.

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10 reasons why you should root your Android phone [ Android Hack ]


Why root your Android phone

Why root your Android phone?

There are million and a half reasons why you should make that bold move to root your beloved Android phone. So you made that investment to go with that data plan to finally land your hands on your favourite Android phone. But why take the risk of bricking it? Trust me, the rewards are big. Of course, there is the warranty void thing which keeps you thinking, but if you are brave enough to overcome that, look at the following reasons which will positively make you to think otherwise. So here are the..

*10 reasons why you should root your Android Phone *

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How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy Portal to Android 2.1 (Eclair) using Samsung PC Studio

The new Android 2.1, more popularly known as the Android Eclair, is now available to be downloaded on the Samsung Galaxy Portal on T-mobile UK. The catch is, this upgrade is not available over-the-air (OTA), but has to be initiated by the user using Samsung’s mobile PC suite – Samsung PC Studio.

This is ridiculous, since the Android is a modified version of the Linux kernel, and at its core, is Open Source. However, for the upgrade itself, it has to be connected to a Windows PC. More on that later. For now, let’s focus on the upgrading progress. And this process took me a good 4 hours to complete, until I found the easy and shortcut way to do it. Trust me, follow this process and the upgrade is done within 15 minutes flat!


What I did wrong before:

  • Installed Samsung PC Studio which was on the CD that came along with my phone.[ This is version 1.4. etc, which is an old one ]
  • Connected my phone via USB cable, and opened up Samsung PCS, and hit the Upgrade button.
  • It goes to download the latest install, and then on to Step 3, which is actual upgrade on the phone, and then it goes on for ages, whilst the phone keeps flashing the Samsung logo.

Here’s the right way to do it.

  • Install the latest version, just to be very sure. Go to Samsung Mobile UK website, and select Samsung Galaxy Portal-> Software, and download the 1.5 version of Samsung PC Studio.
  • Once installed { i.e. after uninstalling the previous version and installing this one } , connect your Samsung Galaxy Portal using the USB Cable. Mount your SD card.

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