Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard Now Available For Free [Android App review]

For now, it is only the Galaxy Nexus which has got the latest version of Android OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich. Amongst other improvements over the previous versions, is the new improved keyboard which has better suggestions, targetting and shortcuts. And if you have an Android phone running 2.2 or later version, then you don’t have to wait for the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwhich.

The keyboard is available for download for free, and ready for you to use.

Go hit the Android market link here:

But is it worth the download? Hit the jump for the review of this keyboard.


There are a few changes compared to the default one on my Samsung Galaxy S2.


The num keys option of symbols is reduced.

Apart from that, the keys look well layed-out with quite generous spacing. The layout is very standard Android, and the highlight colour is pleasant blue.

Also, the punctuation suggestions at the end of each word is very welcome here.


The ICS Keyboard does not have any pre-installed keys for emoticons. You can insert emoticons if you are texting, by hitting the menu button, and selecting “Insert Smileys”.
But if you are trying to use it as a text keyboard for any other app, you are out of luck. You’d have to write your own emoticons.


If you are searching for this app in the Android Market on the phone, it is the one developed by Johntanmi, and not Nick Zhang.

Techkeyla Rating: It does what is says on the tin, and then some more. Full marks on functionality, but the exclusion of emoticons is a step backwards.

The Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard gets 3.5 *** / 5

Let me know if it works as well on your Android phone, and leave your comments below.

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