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Pop Tart Nyan Cat Youtube Video gets its own Nyan Seekbar [Awesome Video Meme]

The oh-so-very addictive meme sensation of the century, the cat who also is a pop tart floating in space with a rainbow trail has just entered legendary territory. So you’re not familiar with what I am talking about. Ok, Techkeyla is here to rescue you from this meme ignorance. First up, the image.

** GIF of Pop Tart Nyan Cat **

Pop Tart Nyan Cat
[Check out the original website which started it all]

Next up the original video upload on YouTube.

Have a look at the progress bar in the video above. Yes, that’s right. That’s a mini Nyan Cat. Man, the original website is addictive enough, and my record of Nyan-ing is 450 seconds [ coz I wanted to remain sane]. But one things universally true. I want the ringtone.

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